Developement of facility management

Facility management was given birth by the US Army during the Korean War. It was necessary at that time to have an applied science which can handle the undisturbed operation of a huge army base, its logistics, storages and airport.

The facility management as corporate management does not directly refers to the core businesses and the real estate. The science of modern facility management was taken over later by the civil society and today almost all organizations use some kind of tools or services for the support of their core activities in order for optimizing the efficiency and profitability of the services, minimizing the loss in the value of their realty.

In Hungary the expansion of facility management services started in the beginning of the 1990-ies. At the beginning the service included the organization of cleaning, maintenance service and safe guarding. Today, the main areas of facility management are, beside technical operation, investment activities, preparing of renovations, organization of constructions, the continuous assessment, development of the current properties, the optimizing of the work flows in relation with the property, complex handling of the tenants and energy related analysis.

More and more enterprises recognize the advantages and benefits of facility management, as well as the fact that it requires an efficient teamwork, therefore, today independent organizations are formed to provide these services. Facility management is basically a supportive business service so the purpose of the companies providing this type of service is to effectively support the operation of the Client by appropriate change management.

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