2016-03-10 — Future FM: the environmentally friendly cleaning service


Future FM Zrt. was the first to win the national eco-label of the environmentally friendly cleaning services, a label which is meant to verify the environmental-friendliness of products and services in Hungary. The service provision of the winning tender was realized at the Hungarian offices of Tata Consultancies Ltd. The certificate which demonstrates the winning of the trademark was accepted by Ferenc Batári, the managing director of Future FM Zrt., and Áron Szilágyi, Olympic fencer and CSR spokesman of Future FM Zrt.

On 24 July 2015, Future FM Zrt submitted a tender entitled ”Office Cleaning in the Hungarian Offices of Tata Consultancy Services” to obtain ”the environmentally friendly service” qualification and to win the rights to use the trademark. In accordance with the pertaining regulation the expert review of the tender is carried out by Környezetbarát Termék Nonprofit Kft., which then makes the recommendation. It is then in turn the Minister of Agriculture who makes the decision on its awarding. The tender was evaluated in accordance with the criteria contained in the the criteria system of KT-64, the environmentally friendly office cleaning services criteria, and the assistance manual of environmentally friendly cleaning plan based on the relevant assistance material. The expert opinion based on the submitted documents ascertained that the environmentally friendly office cleaning complies with the relevant quality certification criteria at the Hungarian offices of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., and that it is eligible to use the Hungarian ”Environmentally Friendly Service” trademark.

Sándor Fazekas, minister of agriculture, signed the document about the acceptance of the tender on 17 February 2016, whose date of signature is also the commencement date for the agreement for the use of the eco-label by Future FM Zrt. The ceremonial handover of the certificate took place on 8th March 2016 at the Tata office building. TATA continuously reduces the environmental impacts of its office activities. In addition to the reduction of their waste management and Co2 emission programs, TATA now focuses on water protection, and within that they place special emphasis on cleaning that is friendly both to the environment and to humans.
„It is alwasy a great challenge and responsibility to be the first, we now share in the moments of acceptance of the trademark with joy, however, I would like to mention the joint work which led to it, and which wasn’t always easy. The acquisition of the trademark was the result of a good relationship with a sub-contractor dating back several years. In connection with the environment-centred control system at TATA we place great emphasis on the engagement of our partners, thus, one of the cornerstones of the joint work with Future FM Zrt. responsible for the cleaning, is keeping the environmental aspects in mind.
TATA as a responsible partner has helped with and supported the tender, since the endeavours of Future FM Zr.t are in harmony and in accordance with TATA’s sustainability endeavours. I am very proud that thanks to the innovative solutions of Future FM Zrt. the complex cleaning procedure employed by TATA was the first to win the trademark related to environmentally friendly cleaning service in Hungary in 2016, through Környezetbarát Nonprofit Kft., which carried out the quality certification”, said Prabal Datta, the managing director of Tata Consultancy Services’ Hungarian sub-office.

TATA’s environmentally conscious expectations and its attitude toward the implementation are exemplary. They are sufficiently open and cooperative, always keeping the aspects of our sustainable future in mind to the maximum. Future FM as a dedicated service provider takes into account the sustainability of its own and its partners’ environment with a calling, especially with regard to both green cleaning solutions, and the implementation of everyday environmentally conscious cleaning. When carrying out our activities, doing so in an environmentally-friendly working manner is among our top priorities.

On the part of TATA we can definitely count on their extensive support, which was instrumental in winning the trademark. We are proud of the trademark we have won, and the win is the result of our successful co-operation. We hope that this recognition also heralds our work so that we can achieve similarly successful results in other areas of our services in the future” – said Ferenc Batári, the managing director of Future FM Zrt.

„Environmentally-friendly aspects are ever more important to responsibly thinking companies. ”The environmentally friendly service” trademark is a guarantee for the customer that during the course of the cleaning process, the use of cleaning products will diminish, and the protection of the atmosphere, living waters and the ground will be enhanced. The quantity of packaging waste will decrease, their collection takes places selectively, during utilization environmentally-friendly paper products are preferred, the high quality and usability of the ”handled” objects and equipment will last for a longer time.” – said Géza Barta, the managing director of Környezetbarát Termék Nonprofit Kft.

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