Environmental management system

The Future FM Zrt. applies the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 standard in all sector of our services.

Our environmental management system involves the exploration of the effects of the service activities on the environment and its analysis as follows.

Our entire service is reviewed elements by element. In particular we analyze the service elements and environmental factors that can have adverse effects on the environment, and for which we are able to influence. These factors are evaluated according to the probability of their occurrence and their effects on the environment.

Based on this evaluation we determine the significant environmental effects.

The purpose of the list of the environmental effects and the selection of the significant effects is to provide data, the analysis of the environment protection situation, the definition of the tasks, environment related aims, estimates and their control.

We constantly monitor all legal and other requirements, which have environmental aspects of our activities and services.

In case of each regulation change, application of new materials, introduction of new products or technology we conduct a review.

We reviewed the prepared risk analysis annually and the corresponding actions to be taken are determined.