Integrated service system

We apply modern management organisation principles, and manage our facility management tasks in an integrated fashion. The various services are provided in separate business lines. This way tasks can be flexibly co-ordinated and technical experience can be concentrated well.

As all service lines are competitive in their own markets, any element of the integrated system or any combination of them may be selected freely by customers.

The use of joint services, even if it involves outsourcing, offers the following advantages to our customers:

  • single complete modern system offering a reliable and assuring solution for a long term,
  • one contract, co-ordinated activities, guaranteed quality with accountable one-person responsibility,
  • clear, comprehensive, predictable fixed expenditure, exact statements, information assisting decision preparation and property utilisation,
  • high availability (special machines, skills, experience, up-to-date information, innovation),
  • higher added value, efficiency and cost savings based on synergies,
  • we focus our attention on a particular segment of the client's operation, while the client can concentrate on its core activity, re-structuring its economic resources, and rationalising its operation.
  • Business lines

    Starting years

    future operate
    future clean 1991
    future security
    future garden 2002
    future catering 2002
    future fleet 2005
    future archive 1997