Occupational health and safety management system

The Future FM Zrt. applies the MSZ 28001:2008 (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) standard in all sector of our services.

The acronym OHSAS (MEBIR in Hun) stands for short for the risk assessment of the occupational health and safety management based on which we assess our services to find which elements have bad influence on human health and which of them we are able to influence.

These elements are evaluated and classified by their probable occurrence and influence on health and based on that we define the significant effects. The registered effects are reviewed annually by the assigned health and safety manager.

The efficiency of our system is ensured by the regular fire and labour safety trainings for our employees, checking that the works meet the appropriate requirements, the correcting of the perceived shortcomings and the preventative actions taken.


The operation of our OHSAS system facilitates the compliance with the more and more rigorous health and safety requirements as well as the prevention and decrease of the labour related accidents and damage to health:

  • efficient defence of the health of the colleagues in order to minimize vulnerability,
  • timely identification and prevention of hazards,
  • comprehensive processes, decrease the rate of the risk,
  • comply with the related laws and regulations,
  • optimizing safety related process costs,
  • expressing of the responsibility of being a manager towards authorities, those in the market and society.

All in all OHSAS is a help to save money by significantly reducing costs and damages deriving from accidents.