Quality management system according to AQAP 2120

Future Security Zrt. applies the NATO AQAP 2120 standard in relation with the security services.


The NATO AQAP is a system of norms complement the ISO 9001 standard requirements and considers such military requirements as the quality planning, risk management, configuration management and in the case of the AQAP 2110 standard reliability and maintainability is also considered.

Ordering our security service we shall provide a Special Security Guard Instruction based on our General Security Guard Instruction quality plan, in which all the site specific quality requirements, applied tools, methods, equipments, staff and processes are defined.




In the quality plan, which is the most important element of the normative documentation the follows determined:

  • client needs,
  • risk assessment,
  • comply with the employment related requirements,
  • detailed description of the service processes including the tools of the enforcement control, applied materials and equipments and the staff,
  • instructions and procedures of laws, regulations and standards relating to the service.

Based on the NATO AQAP 2120 standard we are certified vendors of the NATO for providing products and services. We are in provision of the certificate of “Suitable NATO Supplier” received since 2003.