Our services are characterised with a high level of live labour, outstanding reliability and discretion. Every day brings a new challenge, and a new job, with continuously changing difficulties.

Thus the human factor is a decisive element in the products of our company, as knowledge, attitude, performance development and utilisation usually decide competition in the market.

We believe that on the long term the biggest value for our company will be created by recognised, well-trained, experienced, committed, thorough, loyal, individually thinking and well-balanced employees.


Our human resource system, manager selection and preparation help to create the highest possible added value on the basis of the following principles:

  • professional and careful selection, assessment of professional and human characteristics, suitability, contact creative and problem solving capabilities,
  • managerial independence, decision-making rights and responsibilities, and an atmosphere supporting creation, innovation and sincere opinion,
  • professional training, education, study trips, participation in the activities of professional organisations, development of individual capabilities,,
  • service providers attitude, permanent availability and renewal, adjustment, co-operation, effective and exemplary management, respect for employees,
  • clear and effective organisation, instruction and motivation system.

In case you wish to work with us and apply to any of our jobs, visit our career site or send your application and CV to the following email: