Titles and Insurance

The Future Security Zrt. provision of the certificate of “Suitable NATO Supplier” received from the Ministry of Defence and Security Procurement Office of Investment since 2003.


According to the certificate, our company is eligible for participation in tenders issued by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and its member countries.


Future FM Plc. - D&B Diamond Certificate

The Future FM Zrt. D&B certificate confirms that our company has lower risk rating for many years than the average D&B Rating and we have no negative proceedings against our company at present. 

As a result of the national security control, based on the government regulation of no. 218/2011. (X.19.) 12 § (1), our company was put on the list of the contractors previously passed safety standards in December 2012.

Our commitment to partners, responsibility for the quality of services, and conscientiousness of our staff prevent losses and damages. In addition to those, our liability insurance taken for a high amount, covering the whole scope of our activity and a wide range of potential claims also guarantees full security and calm of our customers. 

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