Webmaster - Technical terms

The below technical requirements are necessary for the optimal view of our website.

Monitor adjustments:

  • Minimum of 1024x768 resolution,
  • 32 bites true colour.

Suggested browser types:

In order for a safe use it is recommended to use the most current version of the browser, however the browser settings may lead to display problems.
If there are problems with the settings of the phone or internet browser, please contact your phone service provider for assistance. The most common configuration errors in the browsers:

  • At each browser the use of the cookies must be set. In case of many browsers the default settings prohibit the use of the cookies.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0.28 or higher version is suggested.
  • In order for displaying more information it is advisable to adjust the full screen mode in the setting of the browser, if possible.

Our website can be browsed also by smartphone. Hereby we have collected the required settings of the smartphone.

  • Android: Does not require special customization.
  • Phone (Safari): Does not require special customization.
  • Windows Mobile Explorer compatible browsers: In case of some of the telephone sets the minimum font size can be set. If it is set too big as default the full text may not fit in the screen. Set the font to smaller size in this case.
  • Nokia S60 compatible browsers: In these telephone sets WAP or internet based versions may be set. In this case please use the internet browser. In the browser it is possible to zoom on the font size. Both in the menu and by the help of key combinations the best suitable size can be set.
  • Opera Mobile: Mainly Samsung, Sony Ericsson telephone browsers, however there is downloading and charged version. In the browser setting, in the `Display` menu switch off the `Fit to screen` mode! In some cases there might be minimum font size limitation which if necessary you can adjust to smaller.
  • Other smartphones: Some phone can be set to minimum font size which is in default state adjusted bigger you might not see all information on the screen. Adjust to smaller size.

More free programs:

In case you have more questions please indicate on the below email address: webmester@future-fm.hu