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This business unit has a ten years experience mainly in public catering services

Beside providing catering service in office buildings and factories on daily basis we also undertake the organization and performing events and protocol meetings of a few person or even up to more thousand participants. 

The improvement of our services focuses on healthy eating directives!
Our healthy and tasty food selections are planned by complying with the requirements of the modern diet directives focusing on easy choice, surveying needs and applying innovative technical developments. At each of our restaurants we provide various type of payment methods.

The food selection of the buffets and restaurants are prepared by the use of fitness, vegetarian and bio food commodities. Due to our modern cooking techniques the vitamin mineral and fibre contents of the food is preserved after cooking.

In the menu cards we also notify the energy content of the food (calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate). The foods are prepared based on the professional recommendations of dietetics in order to ensure the customers to receive a wide range of food suitable for the characteristic of their job and taste, as well as their lifestyle. The used fat, food that remained are handled as hazardous waste and their appropriate disposal is handled by us.

The permanent high level of our services is ensured by the audited systems and the continuous training and coaching of our staff. Regarding our services we have certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Food Safety Management (ISO 22000) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001).

Meet our Catering Services!!

Our vendors deliver checked, fresh and quality commodities to our kitchens where we make home-made like, international, reform and fitness, as well as bio type of foods.

Technical background

Innovation for the sake of quality service.

  • Our restaurant IT system makes easy the daily routine works and provides wide range of payment types beside cash
  • Our customers can use their bank cards, pre-paid cards, SZÉP cards and Erzsebet vouchers

Operation of cooking and serving kitchens, takeaway service

Flexible self service system providing a la carte and menu kind of service in customized solutions.

  • In our food selection the low fat and cholesterol meals are emphasized. The much use of sugar and salt is avoided. The rate of fruits and vegetables within the meal is important. You shall meet with wide range selection of low fat meat, fish and cheese among our meals.
  • Our services can be flexibly chosen: in case any of the catering service products the hot food service is available during breakfast, lunch and supper time. Salad bar, freshly baked sweet and savory pastries as well as cold cuts are available for you.
  • Individual choice and extra options: we offer of Hungarian and international cuisine, friendly, reform and vegetarian dishes, seasonal vegetables and fruits, desserts and cheeses.
  • Solutions to ease food choice: serving counters and showcases provide aesthetic experience and in this way decrease the time period of choosing a food – long queues avoided – while our camera system and internet based solutions provide useful information on the utilization and fullness of the restaurant.

Buffet management

We make no compromise in using fresh and healthy raw materials and provide quality products.

  • Classical buffet management even at weekends or by non-stop opening hours
  • We offer wide range of vegetarian food in our buffets also
  • Coffee shop type service, small shop or in case of larger areas mobile buffet operation


Catering service for events

We make even memorable any type of your events with colorful, attractive high quality food selections, aperitifs.

  • Complete event catering coordination and organizing additional event items
  • Ensure of equipments and tolls, convenient furniture, their decoration with appropriate experts
  • Varied selection of food and drinks for meetings, conferences, and larger scale of meetings
  • Large-scale events (e.g.: year-end corporate events, family days, sports days) full catering service
  • Premium category corporate events, and other service

Kitchen technology and interior design consultancy

We provide professional support while focusing on the characteristics of the site

  • Kitchen technology – purchase and installation of food preparation, production and warming equipments
  • Preventive maintenance – preservation of the state of the equipments with planned regular maintenance
  • Restaurant image consultancy – building of modern, harmonic restaurant fitting well the atmosphere of the building focusing on the functionality requirements

Operation of vending machines

Filling, operation and maintenance of hot drinks, water snack and sandwich machines.

Restaurant operational and service type models

The business models are continuously developed based on the feedback of our partners. The elaborated well operated systems are offered as individual, standardized solutions.

  • Market model:
    Market based construcion, in where the Service Provider pays the operational costs (rental fee, utility fees, etc.).
  • Supported service model:
    The Client provides financial support to its employees which mean lower food prices, and this way the Client shall pay for the utility and other costs.
  • Management fee model:
    The product has fix service fees. The basis of the fee is the mutual undertaking of costs where the partner shall define the price of the food and drinks. The product is characterized by fixed operational cost and professional management – “open book” system.

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