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We provide modern and cost effective car fleet management solutions for the design, financing and operation of your car fleet.

We optimize the tasks and cost of our partners with wide range of services from 2005. During the cooperation our partners need to keep contact only with our colleagues, so to simplify the daily administration and management. You can expect most high standard and value for money services available in the market provided by Future Fleet Kft. 

We continuously develop our services so that you arrive in time!

Due to the dynamic development of our services a modern management information system was developed by the IT team in 2011 which ensures detailed reporting of number plates and information on cost codes.

Regarding our services we have certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001).

Meet our Car fleet Management and Financing services!

All our fleet management tasks are performed by the requirements of cost effective operation and safe traffic.

In order to provide a safe service to our partners we ensure a nationwide network so that to reach our services all over in the country.

We also provide wide range of financing solutions.

General Car Fleet Management Services

Comprehensive operational services from choosing car type and purchase until the end of the financing term and selling the vehicle.

  • Maintenance and repair (vehicle service) from the obligatory maintenance through the planned repairs until the services including risk elements
  • Vehicle tyre related services from the seasonal changes through the technical review until professional storage and repairing damages all over the country

Supplementary Car Fleet Management Services

Our supplementary service are beneficial in the sense of convenience, however reduce the lost working time and help to rationalize the fuel comsumption.

  • Moving of the vehicles in the case of maintenance service including the delivery of the vehicles, repair, or changing of the tyres
  • Ensuring of rented vehicle or pool back-up vehicle based on individual calculation which can also mean PDC (pre delivery car, discounted car rental) service
  • Follow up on the fleet, fleet control – GPS/GPRS security devices shall be installed in the vehicles; during financing term the custody service and discounted fee of insurance is ensured
  • Fuel card service – we ensure fuel card based on a „three parties” agreement (Shell, MOL, OMV). Based on the chosen purchase rights we process the periodic data of the cards and prepare detailed reports and send a summarized invoice accordingly


After the professional analysis of your fleet an operational, financing and purchase offer is elaborated by us.

Supplementary administration type services

By our professional experience, extensive contacts we can ensure a faster, more simple and efficient administration to you.

  • Authority, insurance and claim adjustments
  • The insurance of our company, in relation of fixed term leased vehicles, provide option for:
    • taking insurances, CASCO, Liability and supplementary accident and luggage insurance, before registration

    • full scale management of all the emerging insurance issues during the lease contract

    • management of claims and incidents


Assistance service

The mediated service provided by our company covers the area of Hungary and European states according to the European ARC standard.

  • In case the vehicle immediately stops caused by technical problem (mechanical, electronic fault, etc.) standby service is ensured on the spot.
  • The delivery of the vehicle to the nearest service station when stopped and cannot be repaired on the spot (3,5 tons of total weight),
  • Ensuring accommodation for the maximum of 3 nights until the vehicle is repaired,
  • Ensuring the further transport of those in the vehicle

Financing solutions

We offer individual, brand-free constructions with optimized and planned costs. We ensure the most appropriate option of vehicle purchase and cost effective operation by the help of the wide range of funding options.

  • Fixed term lease
    The vehicle chosen by the client is purchased by our company, activated in our books and based on the individual rental contract we provide a fixed term lease. According to this construction the asset value of the vehicles are not registered in your assets.

  • Open-end financial leasing (intermediated financial services)
    Refinancing construction, in the frame of which you can directly enter into a lease contract by our intermediation and our company provides the fleet management services.

  • Close-end financial leasing (intermediated financial services)
    The vehicles purchased by financial funding and received operational services by our company can come into your ownership at the end of the financing period – we provide a direct agreement option with our leasing partners.


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