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Our Facility Management activity is a modern one built on business processes and insists on the long term preservation of the buildings, territories, equipments and devices, the maximizing of the use value by optimal cost management on a highly professional level.

Our activities cover all the facility management tasks related to operation-, maintenance tasks, co-ordination and perform of services, participate in the designing and construction phases which tasks are organizationally grouped as follows:

Our professional integrated knowledge closely built on each other help our company to provide our service in a high level in the most efficient way.

Technical Facility Management

  • Technical Facility Management
  • Preventive maintenance of building components, integrated tools, mechanical systems, electric networks
  • Occasional repair of building components, integrated tools, mechanical systems, electric networks
  • Ensuring of constant standby service, help-desk internet based fault management system and building management
  • Operation and maintenance of low voltage systems
  • Providing caretaker activities
  • Technical operation management

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Infrastructural Facility Management


  • General cleaning, full scale and special cleaning, handling occasional events
  • Ensuring of cleaning detergents, hygienic containers

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Security Service

  • Providing safe-guarding service, reception services
  • Installation and operation of security systems
  • Ensuring of 0-24 hour dispatcher service and remote service
  • Personal security and special services

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  • Park Maintenance, indoor plant care
  • Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, construction and maintenance of sports fields
  • Outdoor treatment of paved surfaces, snow and ice removal

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  • Operation of cooking and serving kitchen, buffet operation
  • Providing catering service at events, takeaway service, operation of vending machines
  • Catering Technology and interior design consultancy

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Vehicle fleet management

  • Vehicle fleet management and financing service
  • Assistance and other vehicle related management services
  • Consultancy, providing fleet analysis

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Document Management

  • Document Storage and storing of electronic data
  • Ensuring storage containers and boxes
  • Document classification and disposal
  • Preparing and review of Document Management and Inventory Procedure

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Financial Facility Management

  • Owner representation
  • Rental construction design and operation
  • Tenant services
  • Providing related accounting and financial services
  • Real estate investment sales and consulting

We provide quality service to commercial enterprises, institutions and tenants.

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