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We provide professional security services for companies and institutions requiring special services even if the size of the facility or the regularity of the activities is a challenge.

Regardless of the utilization of the facility our aim is to ensure the physical, mental and health protection of those working on the area assigned to us, as well as the protection of the facility and its movable property. 

Building on our experience we are improving our security services complying with the highest needs, since 1998. The Future Security division is presently dynamically developing companies in the Hungarian security market. 

We are improving our service for Your security!

We are developing our services with an innovative approach. Our services has audited quality management and information security systems, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, quality management system and we provide our services based on the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) standard for those partners owning this certificate.

Our colleagues are trained based on an integrated system to provide information on the new or specific learning related to their working places. We provide interactive training materials and e-learning courses to guarantee that all of our guards can acquire the required information.

We put much emphasis on the adaptation of modern technologies so we apply innovative technical solutions such as the IP based intelligent camera system (Intellio), multifunctional patrol systems (MOHAnet), and the energy saving LED-technology (AM-LED).

Meet our Security Services!

We provide our security services with decades of experience and qualified experts. Our work is supported by special tools and equipments. Our catchword and fundamental value is transparency: by applying key performance indicators (KPI) we have made all aspects of our services measurable. By applying independent measuring and control systems we can exclude the “professional explanation” unfortunately common in this industrial area. We can guarantee results independent form subsequent human intervention, objectively measured and analysed.


Man guard Security Service


The flexibility of the man guard service applied during the security activities and the immediate reaction to and analysis of situation is vital in the area of the professional property and person protection.

  • General facility protection procedures:
    Checking processes at entry and exit, handling visitors and escorting guests, service log management, patrol service, management / operation of security systems and management of incidents.

  • Occasional or extraordinary facility protection procedure:
    Alcohol and drug control, active participation in internal investigations and regulatory measures, elaboration of plan for the full fifth phase of the AEO, manage RFID cards, car type-specific control, risk management of explosives (explosive ordnance) due to bomb and bomb threat schemes, handling of health, safety and environmental (EHS / HSE) risks.

  • Providing security service for Commercial institutions, shopping centres:
    Uniformed security service, detective service (internal and external perpetrators of abuse, as well), clothing and baggage inspection, surveillance.

  • Complex property protection:
    The combined application of man guarding and the remote safety monitoring systems is highly recommended at areas of warehousing and inventory functions. It includes the security testing of stores, security awareness development, safety and security training courses, security and marketing type mystery shopping and handling of internal security problems as well.

Safety technology

The full scale and customized electronic and mechanical safety systems are installed and operated by our own experts.

Video surveillance systems - IP based camera systems, Intelligent, digital recording and image processing software retrieval function:
  • Alarm systems - GPRS technology, with 24-hour dispatcher service
  • Patrol Control Systems – application of multifunctional online systems (MOHAnet)
  • Access control systems - passenger and vehicle traffic control (metal detector, x-ray and license plate recognition), parking systems and parking automatic operation
  • Complex security systems - fire alarm systems and building management integration, product protection, personal protection system (panic), data and information security, and mechanical security systems

Remote monitoring

Alarm systems monitored by professional service and a 24-hour monitoring station. The dispatcher service, the on-call service, the vehicle and the remote standby patrol service perform the specified protocol with immediate response time

Bodyguard service

Regardless of a business meeting, reception, or other public appearance you can count on our highly qualified colleagues at any case!
  • Smart, highly qualified staff experienced in martial art
  • Foreign language speaker experts with driving license
  • Demonstrative or hidden presence
  • Venue insurance, risk management and protection plans

Special services

Our special property protection services efficiently increase safety and decrease security risks.

  • Private Investigation, counselling
  • Marketing type mystery shopping
  • Security service provided at events

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