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Professional cleaning


One of the basic pillars of our company is the cleaning services operating since 1991. During the past 20 years our company has cleaned more than 1 million square metre of surface – and became a market leader among the Hungarian owned companies.

The service being earlier a simple basic activity has become an essential service interweaving all aspects of life.

After the planning and preparation of resources, tools and materials we provide the services to our partners in a professional level putting much emphasis on the quality of personal contact and administration.

Our business unit, in the name of environmental consciousness, provides its service in a cost efficient way by keeping the notion of value for money. 

We improve our services for Your clean environment!

We continuously watch the technological changes and improvements. The applied methods facilitate the more efficient, cost-effective use of energy causing fewer burdens on environment. Due to our national and international presence and our audited systems the quality training of our experts is also ensured.

During improving our work only certified technologies are integrated in the services.

Regarding our services we have certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001). We were the first among facility management companies to attain the national eco label for environmentally friendly cleaning services.

Meet our Cleaning Services!

The business unit provides full scale cleaning solutions for office type, commercial, industrial facilities, hospitals, other medical institutions, food, manufacturing facilities and shops, cultural institutions, baths, swimming pools, pools, block of flats, flats and vehicles.

General Cleaning Services

The basic cleaning services provide solution for the general cleaning needs - by removing the contamination causing significant aesthetic, higienic and accident risk on a scheduled and professional way.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly cleanings
  • Full scale cleaning (after or before construction works or maintenance, preservative type)
  • Daily duty/standby cleaning, ensuring tea lady service in working hours
  • Occasional cleaning
  • Outdoor maintenance works (pavements, walking surfaces, yards)
  • Winter works

Supplementary Cleaning Services

We are also at your service in case of occasional or special demands.

  • Facade and glass surface cleaning by mountaineer technology
  • Handling of Carpet and upholstery surfaces
  • PVC and linoleum surface treatment
  • Cleaning, installation, repair of Vertical blinds, Venetian Blinds
  • Purchase and filling of hygienic materials
  • Washing, cleaning of curtains, textiles
  • Cleaning after painting, construction works
  • Cleaning of artificial sport grounds (synthetic sport field surface, artificial grass)
  • Removing of graffiti, putting protective coating on the surface
  • Pest control
  • Taking care of green plants

Special Cleaning Activities

Assign our company perform your special cleanings which requires more precision and care than normally.

  • Fire and explosion hazard areas, shooting clubs
  • Plant, machinery manufacturing lines
  • Food industrial areas, drinking water production machines
  • Enclosed spaces (boilers, chimneys, turbines)
  • Dangerous infection, or infected areas, cleaning after flood
  • Areas operating under pressure or high voltage
  • Areas requiring unusually high concentration (vapor) or low (dry ice) temperature techniques

Handling extraordinary issues

With the help of our 24 hour dispatcher service we can ensure the involvement of extra workforce to perform activities in relatively short period of time even within 1-2 hours.

  • Cleaning in case of sewage pipe burst, water damage, after reconstruction works, painting, moving, providing assistance during events
  • Application of special equipments (high-performance water intake, pump, clogging stop machine, large scrubbing machines, sweeping machines, high pressure washer, etc)

Ensuring the continuous provision of hygienic materials,
and their regular filling

High quality and wide range of available materials and dispensers, depending on the form of cooperation, even free of charge.

  • Tork type dispensers with outstanding design and technology and long service life
  • Personalized solutions at all in its details (frequency of use, location of use, range of users)
  • Ensuring sample products, daily check and preparing administration on consumption for a better decision

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