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Our Technical Operation business was born in 1998 due to the new facility management approach emerged in Hungary.

The growing number of intelligent office buildings, malls and green facilities require extremely complex, accurate and quick operation solutions; therefore we provide our technical services in facilities of various utilization with the least disturbance according to the requirements of the modern age.

We support the daily work, functional and financial business courses of our partners with modern and cost cutting solutions. 

We improve our services for your modern environment!

We are dedicated to continuously improve our expertise as well as continuously monitor the new technical innovations and we protect, maintain and improve your facilities by the “good host” approach. Our development concepts are also extended to other technical related profession related activities.

Our contracted vendors are chosen and reviewed by accredited process and those performing specialized activities are continuously controlled and monitored by us. 

In order to improve our knowledge we regularly participate in home organized or international conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Regarding our services we have certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001).

Meet our Technical Operation services!

Our services are provided through out national network and with the support of the 24 hour dispatcher service by reassuring stability and in the highest level. The facility management of your real estate is performed by applying our monitor system – beside we are providing detailed statements and reports to make the work flows more controllable and improvable, more precise your records to serve a correct basis for your decisions.

Beside the technical operation tasks we can also provide support in the administration of the utility services. 


Building maintenance, maintenance and repairs


We ensure the undisturbed operation of the facilities by pre-programmed, regular and occasional solutions and specific services providing the most optimal operation.

  • Maintenance and repair of technical equipments
  • Preparing maintenance plans
  • Maintenance and repair of engineering equipments
  • Maintenance and repair of electric network
  • Maintenance and repair of architectural, structural systems
  • Maintenance and repair of building security and protection systems with remote monitoring system and visiting the site by guarding service
  • Operation of building management systems
  • Maintenance and repair of escalators, elevators
  • Manufacturing and repair of office furniture
  • Parts and commodity purchase
  • 24 hour standby service, troubleshooting
  • Ensuring of dispatcher and help desk service, internet based fault management system



Technical Operation

By integrating the processes in the modern facilities we create an efficient system from handling administration type works, along the efficient fault management until the services that brings relaxed working days, and connecting services bringing improvements in your company’s life.

  • Maintenance, renovation plan and strategy development
  • Making policies, directives, regulated processes
  • Providing caretaker activities
  • Fire, labour, health and safety and environmental protection tasks
  • Conducting safety audit
  • Operational information system providing quality indicators, error management and reports
  • Operational risk analysis, business continuity jobs
  • Document inventory, property records register
  • Cost management (cost optimization, controlling, benchmarking)
  • Full scale energy management (energy purchase, handling invoices, user optimization, energy balance)
  • Direct contact with the tenants
  • Keeping contact with and handling contracts of utility service providers
  • Keeping contact with authorities, reviews and providing of data
  • Tracking legislation, taking legal responsibility
  • Designing and construction of reconstruction works
  • Supporting asset management, survey of conditions, making inventory of properties, tools, equipments, physical stock taking
  • Handling of insurances and insurance events management
  • Monitoring of tenders and RFQs, participate in tenders



0-24 Standby technical service

24 hour standby service in Budapest and Pest county all round the year.

  • Troubleshooting and repairs, routine preventive maintenance, commodity purchase
  • Maintenance and repair of cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Ensuring temporary energy supply in case of power cut
  • Plugging relief with high power industrial machines
  • Caretaker jobs supply, backing up staff
  • Removals and moving of furniture
  • Smaller reconstruction and renewal jobs (painting, tiling, ceiling repairs, drywall construction, water engineering design)


Technical Consultancy and Project Management

Cost effective facility management solutions optimally complying with the needs of the technical parameters of the facilities and working organizations.

  • Technical due diligence
  • FM oriented consulting, process improvement
  • Assessment of the sustainability, green facility analysis
  • Energy management studies
  • Complete project improvement
  • Technical Review
  • Tender related project management
  • Cost Analysis and optimization
  • Authority procedures conducted

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