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archive iratkezelés irattárolás


We take care of the archives of our partners with the help of our service since 1997.

The service formerly called as Archív Box has developed to a modern, transparent, retrievable and secured system due to the changed document handling requirements. 

System thinking provides the basis of our service improvement!

Due to the technical developments and the more rigorous document handling requirements today we would be hardly able to handle the inventories on a piece of paper.

Based on our experiences and applying the latest techniques we have developed our own document handling software and self designed and self locking container boxes. Our elaborated systems are used by many of our satisfied partners.

Regarding our services we have certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001).

Meet our Document Management Services!


We provide transparent company archives and systems. The services are based on the data and information safety requirements, complies with the current legislation of records management and the local Records Inventory Procedure.
We offer to our partners experienced colleagues, updated informational system meeting all requirements.



Transparent system, irretrievability and decreasing the amount of stored documents.

  • On-site survey based on the Record Inventory Procedure and on industry standards
  • Proprietary document management software, document retrieval and precise controllability
  • Archival lists, preparation of records
  • Box storage and filing
  • Due to our service capabilities to enable easy disposal significantly decreasing the volume of the files

Storage and delivery of documents and electronic records


Secured storage, complying with the requirements of quick orientation, preserving physical state, readability and indefectibility.

  • In the frame of a rental contract for archiving we ensure the storage of the records in appropriate containers, beside providing continuous data and detailed inventory lists, in our warehouse equipped with fire and property safety devices.
  • The central warehouse for archives ensured for records storage is equipped with alarm system and operates under the control of guarding service. 24 hour staff and online contact is also available on the site for the moving of the containers and coordinating the requests.
  • We guarantee the secured and unharmed delivery of large volume documents by appropriate equipments and under the control of qualified experts.

Application of document boxes


Self designed, special boxes up to 30 kgs of load capacity.

  • Multi sided self locking boxes without the application need of bonding or other securing
  • High quality dust-free closing
  • Due to its design secured moving and delivery

Disposal of documents

Reliable, comfortable and environment friendly solutions complying with the legislation and other requirements.

  • Flexible, however precise solutions at all case based on the corporate records management and inventory procedure, the future archive central records inventory procedure and other related special requirements
  • Serving institutions falling under the force of the law on protection private archives. You can read more information on related archive obligations on the official site of the Hungarian National Archives.
  • Secured delivery by detailed lists or applying secured containers and mobile disposal equipments applied
  • Guaranteed irretrievability of the documents disposed by environment friendly processes
  • Forwarding and delivery of the papers for recycling purposes

Preparing of Records Management and Inventory Procedure


Consultancy and assistance during the implementation phase which results in that the “best practice” shall be built in the every day processes efficiently and fast.

  • Definition of receipt, registration, depreciation, forwarding, filing, disposition, transfer archival system
  • Building of a flexible system meeting the requirements of the operation of any organizations considering its unique features
  • Ensuring of traceability, retrieval, precise inventory and continuous control

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