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kertészet parkosítás növénygondozás


We shall turn your environment greener and looks like closer to nature by our services. In this way we shall ensure a more ergonomic environment for You and your visiting Partners.

Since the 2002, the beginning of the business unit, our services became a competitive player in the market. The area assigned to our control usually forms a harmonic unit with the facilities around.

Regardless of environment protection needs, recreation parks or indoor plants our colleagues are available to You with the highest professional service level!

Development and innovation for Your green environment!

We continuously monitor the technological innovations and participate in professional forums and keep daily contact with the largest chemical and mechanical distributors. We are committed to expand our professional knowledge; our employees regularly participate in professional events. Our equipment fleet is continuously improved which help us to perform the activities efficiently, cost effective and in compliance with the requirements of the present age.

Regarding our services we have certificates of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001).

Meet our Gardening services!

Full scale gardening solutions are available for You with modern equipments, the latest technologies in compliance with the most rigorous environment requirements regarding chemicals and experts! 

Green Space Management

Parks and green surfaces from design until the finalizing of construction works.

  • Garden and Landscaping – design and construction of gardens and parks of public buildings, public areas, industrial areas, residential areas and gardens of private
  • Planting, grass, decorative finishes execution
  • Landscaping, smaller structures (retaining walls, fences, slopes and basins), automatic irrigation systems and outdoor lighting design, construction
  • Rock gardens, ponds, gardens, roof construction and renovation
  • Park maintenance, grass care, pest control, weed control
  • Waste Management
  • Pruning Shrubs and Trees, abnormal (dangerous) tree felling, transport

Building of sport fields and their wide range maintenance according to type of surface

  • Turf football field
  • Artificial turf fields
  • Cindery and hard-surface tennis courts
  • Athletic track, synthetic sport field surface
  • Golf course

Alley treatment and maintenance from choosing breed through risk protection to regular care

  • Classify species, preparing layout
  • Installing alleys, tree planting
  • Pruning, cutting of branches
  • Cut, remove trunk, cutting up branches to pieces
  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Emergency response

Indoor plant management

Full scale maintenance services according to aesthetic and ergonomic needs from the checking of conditions through renovation to regular care.

  • Irrigation and fertilization
  • Disease and pest control
  • Removing of dry, dead plant parts, plant cleaning
  • Plant replacement warranty

Treatment of artificial surfaces

Keeping clean, environmental friendly way, the areas in connection with the green surfaces.

  • Regular cleaning, sweeping, wet dust
  • Waste collection and emptying recycling collectors, removing posters
  • Manual and mechanical street cleaning in winter and summer, chemical cleaning
  • Cleaning of halls, vehicle storage
  • Paved surfaces cleaned with environment friendly chemicals

Winter works

Pre-programmed or occasional works during which only environment friendly materials are used harmless to the health and environment which shall not damage the surface after the snow or ice is melted.

  • Removing of ice and snow at small and large plants, industrial parks, shopping centres, office buildings, paved surfaces, parking lots
  • Removal and transport of accumulated snow
  • 24-hour telephone service, starting work within 2 hours after notification

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