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Future FM Zrt. applies MSZ ISO 26000:2011 for governance processes as part of our Integrated Management System in managing social responsibility issues, strategy and processes. Social responsibility of our company includes comprehensive value creation to the benefit of our environment, the affected parties and society.

Based on the strategy and the principles of our social responsibility, we launch facility management programmes. Following sustainable development principles, our environmental management system gradually reduces environmental load resulting from normal operation, and we continuously pursue reducing our role in polluting the environment.

As part of occupational health regulations, the operation of our OHSAS system facilitates
compliance with occupational safety rules and the prevention of occupational accidents and health damages.

At our employee cafeterias that we operate, our food safety system ensures safe and healthy environment for the employees of our partners.

Voluntary work of our employees for community purposes is centrally organised, as well as the selection system for sponsorship.

Our objective - supported by the dedicated work of the CSR spokesman and the CSR executive - is to integrate socially responsible behaviour in the organisational culture of our company. Collaborating as partners with organisations devoted to good causes and responsible behaviour serving our wider community.

Mikó Zoltán- Chief Executive Officer and Áron Szilágyi - appointed CSR spokesman


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