Free up your resources, assign facility management to us!

Facility management solutions

Facility management means effective, modern and comprehensive facility management solutions. Our company adapts its services to the different market and customer needs. Moreover, we support our partners’ success with our corporate social responsibility and safe operation.

We can perform the internal and external facility management tasks of larger buildings and offer operational and financial solutions for vehicle fleets throughout Hungary. Thus, we relieve the owners and the operators of the burden of tasks that do not form part of the professional scope of the specific company.

We cannot accept smaller and occasional residential projects (e.g. cleaning and operation of private flats, condominiums and offices and plants under 1,500 m²), except when we are already present at the specific facility (e.g. in an office building with more lessees)..

You can request one segment of our services or even all of them.
Our company has been in 100% Hungarian ownership for 25 years and has gained outstandingly significant professional experience in facility management.

Whether you choose one service or a comprehensive service package, you can be sure that your valuables will be safe under our care and we will perform the tasks thoroughly and precisely, paying attention to every detail.

Contact us using any of the contact details indicated on our website, and request a free assessment and a price quotation adapted to your company, vehicle fleet or facility.

Do you have a prepared documentation for requesting an offer or a call for tender? Send it to us! We strive to verify the compliance with the conditions and needs in the most detailed manner when preparing our offer, and our tender document is of high quality.

Reliability and supportive services

Based on a high degree of availability and transparent co-operation.


Integrated service system

We offer full range of services in relation with the real estates, any of which elements provides a competitive solution individually, too.


Professional experience

More than a hundreds of well known and satisfied partners use our services day by day proving our service quality and professional competence.


Speed and efficiency

All without compromising quality!


Stability and flexibility

We offer optimal solutions combining the advantages of the small and large companies.


Strategic thinking

We take care of your ideas as our own and consider all our clients as a long-term partnership.


Precise care

We conduct a conscientious partnership regarding each detail, minute, square metre and money.


Development and innovation

We apply innovative solutions and rely on the most modern technology: so we provide in the best and deepest sense of the word a true service!


30 years experience

With a background of a stable company group and professionalism, we trust in the future!

Technical Quick Service

The dispatcher service of the Future Company Group is available 24/7 for our customers.

Our colleagues constantly monitor the incoming error reports and take the necessary measures immediately to ensure that our customers can continue their work smoothly.

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